Side Pleaseee -Apple gets “Go Ahead” to test self driving cars on streets

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Howdy, Digital People !

Here’s your Digital Tomorrow

Apple cars will be on streets, Side please ……………………

Apple has been granted permission to test self driving cars on the streets of California.

There has been a rumor since many days, that Apple is working on autonomous vehicle project, but the company never made any public statement till date. Couple of days back ‘California’s Department of Motor Vehicles’ announced that, it has granted permission to Apple to test self driving cars on streets.

Apple will be using cars manufactured by Lexus & the project is named as ” Titan”. Reportedly around 1000 employees are working on this project. Apple becomes 30th company to have been granted permission in Silicon valley to test self driving cars.

Other companies like Waymo ( a Google company) has been testing the self driving cars & reportedly has been tested for 635 miles in California. It’s been observed that for every 5,000 miles of driving, human intervention is needed.

So it’s really a good news for people around the world who doesn’t know driving,  as many car manufacturers are expected to launch self driving cars in near future.


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