Are your documents digitized? If not, do it. A-Z guide to Digilocker


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It’s been over 1 year since Digilocker has been introduced to public by Government of India, in a mission to digitize India. There has been a good response from people but not enough registered users, it could be because of lack of awareness.

In this blog, I have highlighted few important points of this program and also step by step guide for the enrollment.

  • .Anyone who (Indian Citizen) sign’s up for a DigiLocker will get a dedicated cloud storage space (1GB) and it’s free of cost.
  • The account has to be linked to individual’s Aadhaar (UIDAI) number. If you don’t have your Aadhar (UIDAI) number ready, don’t worry, you can still open the account and link it later.
  • Organizations that are registered with Digital Locker can push electronic copies of documents and certificates (e.g. driving license, Voter ID, School certificates) directly into citizens lockers. Citizens can also upload scanned copies of their legacy documents in their accounts. These legacy documents can be electronically signed using the eSign facility.
  • Digilocker is similar to other storage applications like Google Drive & Dropbox. The difference is that, no organization can send anyone e-documents directly to these accounts.
  • The uploaded documents can be shared with anyone via e-mail.
  • There is also a Digilocker mobile app and it’s compatible only with Android devices.

Here is the Step by step guide for enrollment – It just takes 5 minutes

       Step 1: Log on to and click on signup (top right)

Step 2: Enter the mobile number for registration, you will get the OTP for verification.(Note- I suggest you to enter the same mobile number, which is link ed to you Aadhar (UIDAI) number)

Step 3: Link your Aadhar (UIDAI) number if you have, else you can skip the step and proceed. There is an option to enter it later in you Dashboard of your home page.

step 2

Step 4: Enter your username & password of your choice.

Sign up

Step 5: That’s it, you are done with your registration.


       You can find dashboard in your home page , it’s very easy to understand.

Issued Documents:- List of e-documents issued by organizations to you.

Upload Documents:- Here you will find the list of documents , which you have uploaded ( Ex:- Mark sheets, ID proofs, Address proof etc). Self-uploaded documents can be digitally signed using the eSign facility (which is similar to the process of self-attestation).

Shared Documents:- The list of documents which you have shared with anyone via e-mail.

Activity:- It’s the record of all activity you have performed in your account.

Issuer:- The list of organizations, which are live, for issuing the e-documents.

Current Statistics – March 2016


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