Do you have a dream to fly in your own vehicle? Here’s how, it can come true


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Decades ago, self driving cars and wireless communication was just a science fiction, but now  it has come true in reality. Also as a child, we all have dreamt of flying around the world in our own vehicle & visiting our favorite  places in minutes. Now the time is nearing,where even this dream will not just remain as dream or any science fiction.  Yes, you read it right – we all can fly now in our own vehicle.

A company called ‘Kitty Hawk’, based in North Carolina (USA) demonstrated a prototype of a flying vehicle in April 2017. This vehicle is 100% electric,can accommodate one person at a time and can travel only over the waters right now.

The vehicle which is shown in the video is not the final version and the company will be further developing the product, to make it consumer ready.The consumer version is expected to launch by end of 2017.

This vehicle is safe, tested and legal to operate in the USA in uncongested areas under the Ultralight category of FAA regulations. The rider doesn’t need a pilot’s license and can be learnt to fly in minutes.

People who are interested, can register themselves by paying $100 and can avail many benefits including $2000 discount on retail price. Click here for more details on benefits

So, get ready to witness the new disrupting technology in transportation industry by this year-end.   

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