Google Earth: Look at these exciting new features


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Right away, you just log-in to ‘Google Earth’ and search for your home. You will be surprised to know that , you can view the images in 3D. Yes that’s true, thanks to the updated version of Google Earth, which was released today & is made available in web & Android app.

Key features of this updated version are – Images can be viewed in 2D & 3D ,Zoom option, Interactive guided tours of many well know places around the world.




Google has teamed up with world’s well known story tellers, scientists & Non Profits to bring some interactive guided tours. This feature will be helpful, if you would like to know about any popular places ( Ex:- Cities, Deserts, forests etc). Right now there are around 50 immersive stories in Voyager & more are expected to be added in the future.


I’m Feeling Lucky



If you have time and want to explore new places, then this option is for you.

Once you click on ‘ I’m Feeling Lucky ‘  option, you will be taken to some random place around the world, which you might not even heard. You will be provided with some information about the place ( the data base is linked to the Wikipedia). Currently users can explore around 20,000 such places around the world.


So, wait not & start exploring this new feature.

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