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Google can help you book flight at the right time and save your hard earned money

Google has come up with a new feature in Google flights. It  can help you in booking your flights at right time and at the best price. It also shows, when the flight rates might increase or decrease

After selecting any specific flight for any particular destination, a notification may appear letting you know when the current fare is going to expire and how much you can save if you book at that particular time.

Example:- Flight to San Diego is likely to cost more in eight hours – and you would likely to save $87 if booking is done before

Users will get Tips
Source:- Google
Source:- Google

If you’re looking at a certain route, but haven’t selected a specific flight yet, you will get a  notification with many tips on how to end the best price for this route.

Various tips may include – recommendations for alternate airports or dates. You may also see a new tip telling you about an expected price jump based on historic prices for that route.

When you tap on the notification card, you’ll see more details like how much the price is likely to increase and when.

Fare Tracking
Source:- Google
Source:- Google

Those wanting to track flight prices over a longer duration can set up an email alerts that will inform them when prices are expected to change. Subscribers will also  continue to receive updates when prices actually do increase or decrease significantly for tracked fights

You better Know this


Google is predicting the flight fares on previous years, so it won’t be 100% accurate but it’ll still give idea of what to expect.

Heating up the Competition


This move from Google is considered as a deliberate attempt by Google to take on smaller businesses like Kayak and Skyscanner, which raised £128 million in Jan 2016 to fuel its expansion around the world and help it to take on larger rivals.

Skyscanner has a Price Alert feature, which alerts to price drops and increases on a particular chosen route. They also do an annual Best Time to Book campaign – there’s a real trend to when flights are cheapest

So why not we, check out Google Flights before booking tickets 


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