Google India introduces ‘Neighbourly’ – An Q & A app, which can solve your Neighbourhood queries

Source: Google Play

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Google India has launched ‘Neighbourly’ app to help people find local answers in their neighbourhood. The beta version of the app is currently available only for Mumbai region, other cities need to wait for their turn

This app is very useful, as people get hundreds of questions answered by the people in their neighbourhood. This platform can be also used for business-related posts like selling used goods, rent/sell properties to the neighbourhood people

Below are the few examples

  • Where is the nearest bus stop / Railway station located near Church
  • We are in need of a maid, can anyone please suggest
  • Any tuition classes nearby RR Circle for class 11 students
  • Which is the best place to visit in the evening in Chandani Chowk
  • Any 3bhk house available for rent nearby College?

Google’s ‘Neighbourly’ app is similar to the ‘Groups’ ( locality based)  in Facebook, where people of a particular area form group and have conversations on any common problems, post questions or discuss any common topic pertaining to their area

‘Neighbourly’ will never share personal details of anyone but people should be careful before sharing their details with the unknown

You can download the app here





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