Google Map: Now you can share your Real Time location with your contacts




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Finally Google Map is out with the much-awaited & the much-needed feature – ‘Sharing the current location’ feature. Yes, now we all can share our current location with our contacts.

This feature is available in both Desktop & Mobile applications. User should click on the menu option (top left) and click on the ‘Share Location‘, you will find lots of option through which you can share your current location ( Ex:- WhatsApp,Gmail, Skype etc).

This feature not only allows user to share current location, but also has an option to enable their contacts to track them in real-time for certain period of time.

The sharing period can be preset for certain time or till you turn off.

WhatsApp already has the feature of location sharing but doesn’t have option of real-time tracking. This feature of Google Map can help millions of users.

Users should be careful when they choose ” Until you turn off ” option for real-time location sharing. One should turn it off, after the purpose id fulfilled. 

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