Master Card: Why you need PIN? When you have fingers to Authenticate


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Why do we need PIN? When we have fingers to authenticate our card transactions. Yes, this change is expected to come to all the customers of MasterCards debit & credit card.

Now it’s easy to checkout any store by just placing our finger on bio-metric scanner instead of entering four digit PIN, this gives the utmost protection for our money parked in bank. Recently, MasterCard has unveiled a payment card in South Africa featuring a bio-metric fingerprint scanner.

MasterCard currently processes 60k + transactions every minute worldwide & made this announcement after trials in South Africa.

To get the fingerprint recorded, the customers might have to head toward their card issuing banks for completing the formalities.

Currently the company is extending the trials to different regions and hopes to fully implement the technology throughout Europe and Asia at the end of this year.

Now, don’t worry if you lose your card or gets stolen, as no one can do anything great with it, except thrashing. Now onward, please take extra care of your fingers.  



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