We may soon authenticate online transactions with our “Selfie”- MasterCard


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It’s been couple of years since we are using OTP & password for authenticating our online transactions. Ever wondered, what could be the next level of security?

Yes it’s everyone’s favorite “Selfie”, one more reason to capture ourselves. Interesting right! 

MasterCard plans to bring “Selfie Pay” security checks to more than a dozen countries. Last year, the company started trialing the technology — which uses facial recognition to authenticate users’ identity.

To use this, customers will have to download MasterCard’s app to their phone or tablet. Then, after entering their credit card information as normal during an online payment, they’ll hold their device up to their face to take a picture. Users will have to blink to prove that they’re not holding a photograph in front of the camera. Algorithms can identify, when someone is trying to fool the system by using a video.


The facial recognition system will only be used in certain contexts when further authentication is needed.

Company is also looking at security measures beyond facial recognition and fingerprint sensors, it could be heartbeat recognition: using a sensor to read a person’s electrocardiogram — the unique electrical signal produced by user’s heart.

So wait not, get your mobile with high mega pixels camera now & be ready.



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