Google Home can now help you in cooking


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It’s a good news for all the cooking enthusiasts people & especially home makers. Now trying new dishes at home, has become easy with the help of technology.

Usually we watch cooking channels / shows to learn making new dishes,but when we try to experiment the same, we often find it difficult to re-collect each & everything.

Now Google has come up with a new feature in ‘Google Home’, which can guide us in our cooking experiments. Google has partnered with Bon Appetite, The New York Times, Food Network and many more for this project. Users can have access to more than 5 million recipe.

Google Home will guide the users step-by-step & everyone will have liberty to cook at their own pace. No more hassle now.


Step 1

The user has to just choose a recipe by doing a simple google search from their mobile device ( iOS of Android)  and share it with ‘Google Home’ device. Once you do this, you recipe will be saved in the device.


Step 2

Whenever user is ready to cook, should say “ OK Google, Start cooking”

Before the start, user should make sure about the ingredients required, Google Home will guide step –by-step and in case if anything misses out, just say “ OK Google, Repeat” or “ OK Google, Repeat step 5”.

Step 3

Thank Google Home & Just enjoy your dish……….

Isn’t it that easy? , now we all have virtual chef at home to guide us.

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