How to trace your lost Android Smartphone

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As the smartphones have become important asset in everybody’s life, it’s very hard to imagine even a single day without it, as we store lot of personal data in it.  Yearly, worldwide millions of smartphones are being lost/stolen and only few are recovered and rest aren’t.

There are many ways through which we can help ourselves to locate our lost phone (Android Smartphone) but here I will showcase one of the best way of locating the phone using an app – Find My Device 

Step by Step guide to install the app & locate device

  1. From the Google Play store download ‘ Find My Device’ app to your smartphone

  1. Sign in with your Gmail credentials
  2. By default your smartphone brand & model details will be displayed. Click on ‘Secure Device’ option where you can enter Personal Message & Contact Number so the person who is using your device can get your contact details

3. By following the above steps, now your phone is linked to your            personnel gmail id and secured

When you want to trace your mobile from your Laptop/Desktop

Log on to from your desktop/laptop

a) Select the First Option ‘ Play Sound’ , if your phone rings now, then it’s perfectly fine. It means it can be traced when it is lost, the user will get alarm sound b) Second Option ‘ Secure Device’ – as mentioned earlier, you can enter your personnel message like your name & phone number , which will be displayed to the user when it’s lost & you can be contacted easily                                                                                                                                            c) Third Option ‘ Erase Device’ – This option should be used as a last step, when you realize that you cannot get back your phone & you fear that the other person who is using might misuse your personnel data from your phone

Note that, When you erase device, you will be no longer able to locate your device

Now the first thing which you do after reading this blog is download ‘Find my Device’ app & secure your device. Play Safe


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