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The era of Virtual Assistant started when Amazon launched it’s first AI enabled device ‘Amazon Echo‘ ( a Virtual Assistant) in 2014, Since then, it has become hot selling product & was a leader in this category until Google launched it’s AI device ‘Google Home‘. After the initial launch, few other AI devices were launched by both the companies –  Amazon launched Amazon Echo Dot, Echo Spot, Echo Show, Echo Connect & Echo Plus and Google Launched Google Home Mini and Google Home Max. This blog focuses only on the Key features of Amazon Echo and Google Home which will be valuable to you in making an informed decision in choosing your Virtual Assistant







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Basic Capabilities

  • Amazon Echo & Google Home are a hands-free smart speaker that can be controlled using voice. They are connected  to cloud-based  voice service to play music, make calls, check weather and news, set alarms, control smart home devices, and much more
  • Both the devices have a good number of microphones & can listen to the user even in a very noisy environment
  • The more the user interacts with these devices, it learns more about user’s speech patterns and vocabulary using machine learning

Smart Home Control

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Smart Home capabilities for both Amazon Echo & Google Home one of the key features & it depends upon the third party apps. Amazon Echo currently has thousands of voice-enabled smart home apps and this is a very good buy for those who are looking to connect their Smart Home devices. Whereas Google Home is linked with fewer apps  compared to Amazon Echo

Both Amazon Echo & Google Home can control Smart home devices like Lights, TV, AC , Door Locks, CCTV, etc,

‘Alexa’ / ‘OK Google’ What’s Trending today

‘Alexa’ / ‘OK Google’ switch on/off the lights

‘Alexa’ / ‘OK Google’ open the door locks

‘Alexa’ / ‘OK Google’ switch on the security camera

‘Alexa/’OK Google’ wake me up tomorrow at 6 am

Connecting to External Devices – TV & Speakers


Both the devices have very good inbuilt speakers and have options to connect to external speakers. Amazon Echo can connect to speakers via Bluetooth and wired & Google Home can connect to any Google Cast-enabled speakers & any speakers connected to Chromecast Audio streamers


Google Home can control TV connected with ChromeCast Video Streamer or TV with Chromecast in-built. In future, the user can easily choose the content over a voice in Netflix, YouTube etc and also pause, rewind & forward the content

Amazon Echo has integration with Fire TV stick, the user will have to press a button on a Fire TV remote to access from Amazon Echo. With ‘Logitech Harmony Remote’ in the market both Echo & Home devices can do more, the users will be able to ask the Amazon Echo / Google Home  to operate the smart remote, and do things like turn on the TV, change the channel, dim the lights


If you are interested in any product and want to compare with different brands in the market before buying, then Amazon Echo might not be a better option as it can only give the information which is in Amazon website ( Ex- / etc). On the other side, Google Home can surf for information through its search engine and can give you all the information about all the products & brands in the market


Both the devices are set to listen all the time & this could be a problem if it’s not disabled when not in use. Both the devices have buttons to switch on and off the microphones. Google home can also stop listening when the user instructs through voice commands but this feature is unavailable in Amazon Alexa                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Other Related Products                                                                                                                                                                    USA    





Both the devices are good and it’s up to the user to decide based on the requirements.

  • If you are looking to connect your smart home devices then Echo range of devices would be better as it has thousands of platforms compared to fewer platforms in Google home series
  • If you are a shopaholic & want your virtual assistant to help you in shopping then Google Home series of devices would be better as it can search across the web compared to Echo devices, where it searches only in Amazon website
  • Google Home devices have integration with its apps like Google Map, Search Engine etc which are very accurate compared to Echo devices where it depends on third-party apps, which are not so accurate










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