Kick start your Smart Home with your “Virtual Assistant”- Amazon Echo

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Who in the world would have imagined that one day we may all have a “Virtual Assistant” which can help us i our day to day activities like doing banking transaction,booking a cab,switching on music etc .

Last year, Amazon launched Amazon Echo, which is a round black cylinder with an audio system inside. It is always connected to the cloud via Wi-Fi giving it a vast online resource to tap. The Echo interacts with the user by voice, and answers to the name ‘Alexa‘.

Alexa‘, or the Echo, understands queries and commands issued in natural language. The Echo is always listening for interaction through its array of microphones that pick up this interaction from a great distance and from anywhere in the room. Getting the Echo’s attention is done by beginning commands with its name, i.e. ‘Alexa‘.

Alexa, can you turn on the radio.”

Alexa, can you check out today’s weather.”

Alexa, book me a Uber Taxi”

Alexa, order a pizza”

Amazon Echo has partnered with major on demand service providers like Dominos, Uber, Spotify & recently signed partnership with Capital One banking service. Capital becomes the first banking partner to Amazon Echo.

Capital one & Amazon

To use Capital One voice-activated service, customers have to first add the skill to their Amazon device via the Alexa mobile application, then connect their account by providing their username and password.

Alexa, ask Capital One for recent transactions on my checking account”

Alexa, ask Capital One to pay my credit card bill”

Amazon regularly adds new functionality & e-mails the same to the users every Friday ; the Echo continues to grow more useful.

The Echo works best with Fire Tablets, although it’s also fine with iOS and Android devices. There are Alexa apps for controlling the Echo on both platforms.

After initially debuting as an invite-only beta-gadget for $99, the Amazon Echo now retails for nearly twice that: $180. The Echo isn’t yet available in Australia or the UK.

Amazon has now introduced two new members to the Echo family: Amazon Tap & Amazon Echo Dot.

Amazon Tap is a portable version of the original Echo Amazon Tap is essentially a Bluetooth-enabled portable speaker with built-in WiFi and the Alexa operating system.

Tap works by tapping the microphone button and asking for stuff. This is very portable to carry on the go & cab be used for various stuff like ordering a Uber, a pizza or play music from Prime or iTunes. However, the device need to be connected to WiFi or a mobile hotspot for that function to work.,

Amazon Echo Dot comes with the same far-field voice recognition technology, has a built-in speaker with Bluetooth-enabled capabilities and connects to Alexa.

This device acts as voice-command centers for each room it is placed. It understands commands from across the room, even if loud music is on, kids are screaming or the TV is on.

So it’s time for us to welcome new member to our family. Say Hi, Alexa.

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