Google launches new shopping tool “Style Ideas”

Source: Android Community

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We often do image search in Google for most of the things, might be for celebrity pictures, places, fashion product, electronic goods etc. Recently Google has introduced a new tool called ‘Style Ideas‘ in Android for Google App & mobile web to help people in fashion search.

What is Google “Style Ideas” tool?  

In addition to regular Google Search for any fashion product, the search results will show, how it would look if it is worn in real life. User would be able to see the searched product worn by the models of the brand with various combinations, Example:- If the user is searching for ‘Jackets’, search results would show the same Jackets tried by models with red sandals & blue jeans. In the same way how green goggles would look if the black jacket is worn.

Source:- Google

In addition, this tool will also offer product offerings in the image results, which suites to the users taste.Example:- If the user is searching for black T-Shirt of ABC brand, then there will be list of images with ABC models wearing black T-Shirt with different combinations & in addition below, there will be list of product offerings from different brands for the same product.

This tool can help users to make better shopping decisions.

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