Now live Streaming is in everyone’s reach- A Guide to stream your next event( Facebook Live, YouTube Live Stream,Periscope,Meerkat)

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Since our childhood, we all had a wish to watch our family events, friend’s birthday parties, school/college events live at our convenient place, when we can’t make it there personally. Wasn’t it so bad!

But now, with the courtesy of social networking companies like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Meerkat, all our wish has come true. Existing Isn’t it.

At the moment, the live streaming space in social networking websites is dominated by big media companies or celebrities – but there’s no reason why others can’t make use of it and become famous.

Yes, we can live stream any event to anyone at any time with any device            (Mobile/Tablet/Drone/PC/Laptop).

All we need is a platform to stream live video, suitable device, high speed internet connection & a high quality camera ( preferably  360 degree rotating camera for laptop & pc) to telecast a high quality video.

Suggested, budget 360 degree video capturing cameras would be –

     AllieCam ($499)       Ricoh Theta($224.99)     360 fly($449.09)



With 360 degree videos, viewers can move the scene left or right, up or down, for a complete spherical view. By going live with 360 degree camera, users save the tedious step of “stitching” multiple camera angles together in editing

Below is the guide for Facebook Live, Periscope, Youtube & Meerkat. Choose your platform to telecast your next event.

Facebook live



Facebook is racing ahead into the world of live streaming, recently making it possible for all of the site’s users to broadcast 360 degree videos of almost anything to a huge audience. Users would be able to stream from any device Ex:- Mobile/Tablet/Drones.

It’s easy to start – simply hit the ‘new status’ button at the top of the iOS or Android Facebook app, hit the live broadcast button, write a short description, and tap ‘Go Live’.

The live stream will then appear on the news feeds of all your friends, who’ll be able to watch and comment as you broadcast.

You can also start live videos visible only to selected people/groups/events.

The purpose is to grow your number of followers – when people hit the ‘Follow’ button under your streams, they’ll get a notification next time you go live. This helps building up your views and engagement with each video.


YouTube Live Stream



With YouTube, user need to have a “channel” on the service, download streaming software and use the desktop tools to begin streaming.

For the new 360 live streams, YouTube is working directly with two camera manufacturers for seamless one-click production, the AllieCam.

Users will now have the option to schedule or immediately start streaming content over YouTube. With scheduled live streams, hosts can change privacy settings, while other options allow users to save a backup of the live stream for redundancy and manually start/stop a stream.

The service also allows live streamers to interact with their audience as well as customize audio/video, monetize the show with ads




After creating an account  by either using Twitter account or mobile phone number, users can start a live broadcasting immediately. For iOS users, open the Broadcast Tab by tapping the Camera icon at the bottom center of the app. For Android users, tap the red Camera icon on the bottom right.

To view live broadcasts, just tap the TV or globe icon. Tapping on a live broadcast allows viewers to send hearts by hitting anywhere on the screen, or join in on the conversation using the comment bar at the bottom of the screen. Broadcasts can also be shared with friends.

Meerkat Video




After downloading app,the user has to create an account by using your mobile phone number. User will then have a choice to connect via Facebook /Twitter account which makes it easier to connect with people to know or follow. Whenever a user broadcasts, a link will be posted on Twitter. The Meerkat home screen has two buttons: Schedule and Stream. Above the buttons is a blank box where users can add a description of what’s happening.

When a user begins broadcasting, their Twitter followers using the Meerkat smartphone app will be notified that a stream has gone live. Once live, users will be able to see who’s tuned in, as well as interact with viewers. A year ago, Meerkat introduced Cameo, a feature that allows the broadcaster to select a viewer to take over the stream for up to 60 seconds. This makes streaming more interactive for both the broadcaster and the viewers.

Once the broadcast is done, the user has the choice to delete or download the video. There are no replays on Meerkat, but live streams can be re-tweeted by viewers.

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