Why Allo is so special? How does it differ from WhatsApp?

Source:- Blast Media
Source:- Blast Media

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As we all know, there are number of popular messaging chat apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Telegram, Hike, WeChat, Line, and Google Hangouts. In Sep 2016, Google launched it’s much awaited messaging chat app called Allo for Android and iOS platforms- this makes it one more to the list of already existing messenger apps. It’s being built to take on popular messenger apps in the market.

What makes Allo so special?


Google’s Allo has in-built machine learning that is developed in accordance with the company’s advanced virtual assistant called Google Assistant.

Allo is expected to be the most technologically-advanced messaging service to date, assisted by an innovative robotic associate that can recommend or even write replies in typed format on the behalf of users. This Smart Reply mechanism is targeted at making the procedure of messaging simpler while gradually learning to respond in form of pictures, most preferred words and phrases or one’s own photos for reply.

With the help of AI, ,Google Assistant offers its users good web search facility and smart intuitive replies. It supports a feature called Smart Reply, that pops up canned responses to incoming messages so users don’t have to spend time typing their replies to every message they receive. User can pull the Google Assistant in the middle of a chat and ask anything like – to look up theatres close by, or movie timings for later in the evening, or just you can play a game with it.

Source:- WSJ
Source:- WSJ
Allo understands you


Allo uses machine learning and natural language processing, both of which work in the background, to suggest smart replies as the user is in a conversation. It  essentially understands the latest sent message and anticipating the replies based on context and content. Initially, user may not always get the perfect reply suggestion, but as one converse more and more, Allo will understand the style of conversing and register some specific words that user uses and offers enhanced suggestions. Also, these suggestions will be unique.

For example, if Allo understands over time that the user prefers to reply with “yeah” instead of “yes”, that will start up showing in the smart reply options more often.

Allo can recognize photos


The algorithms can detect content in photos that one may receive, and based on that, it can suggest replies. For example, a photo of Eiffel tower in Paris will get suggested replies that include “beautiful”, but a photo of food will instead get “delicious”.

Source:- The Unlikely Partners Network
Source:- The Unlikely Partners Network

Allo makes our life bit more easier, isn’t it?

 Allo or WhatsApp


Source:- The Gadget Review
Source:- Gadget Review


  • Artificial Intelligence: The biggest difference is the smart AI in Allo. While WhatsApp is a simple-looking app with basic features Allo allows you to do lot more than just chat
  • Search: The Google Assistant support in Allo lets user to search hotels, flights, movie halls and lot of other things directly from the app
  • Encryption: Allo allows selective end-to-end encrypted chats, which means through its Incognito chat mode user can select the contact to chat with in incognito mode. This chat will be encrypted as well as the chat history will disappear after you have finished the talk when you have set an expiration period. You can set your expiration period for the chats, ranging from 5 seconds to maximum one week
  • Making Calls: WhatsApp also allows a user to make calls directly from the app using the internet connection. This functionality is missing in Allo


      What do you think, can Allo capture the market?


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